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Automatic Multi day Planning

Efficiently Plan Your Days with Smart Scheduling

Seamlessly and automatically plan routes over multiple days for comprehensive travel schedules.

Long-Term Itineraries.
Plan your routes for several days in advance, ensuring you stay organized and efficient.
Optimized Travel.
RouteSched considers the best paths for each day, reducing travel time and maximizing productivity.
Flexible Adjustments.
Easily make changes to your multi-day plans and see the effects instantly, allowing for adaptive scheduling.
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Calendar Integration

Keep Your Schedule in Sync

Integrates with your preferred calendar for a unified view of your meetings and routes.

Unified Schedule.
View all your appointments and routes in one place, making it easier to manage your day.
Automatic Updates.
Any changes to your route plans are reflected in your calendar, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date schedule.
Syncs with popular calendar apps like Google Calendar, Outlook, and more for seamless integration.
Get notifications for upcoming meetings and route changes directly on your preferred calendar platform.
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your bespoke itinerary

Set your working hours and your base of operations for tailored route planning that adapts to both your schedule and your clients'.

Not Working on Wednesdays?
Set your personal working hours and RouteSched will plan your itinerary around your availability and your clients'.
Base of Operations.
Set your location and RouteSched will plan your routes so you can be home sooner.
Client Schedules.
Input your clients' available times manually or let RouteSched retrieve them from the internet to ensure visits are convenient for both parties.
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Property Tracking

Enhance Client Care with Detailed Property Logs

Capture notes and photos during property visits to maintain comprehensive records and provide personalized service.

Comprehensive Notes.
Keep detailed notes on client interactions to ensure all critical information is recorded.
Visual Records.
Capture property photos for marketing purposes.
Enhanced Relationships.
Utilize visit records to improve client satisfaction, and build lasting loyalty.
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Omni Search

Find Anything in an instant

Instantly search across all properties by any fields, including name, company, address, and more.

Comprehensive Search.
Search through all properties and data fields effortlessly, from names and companies to addresses and more.
Instant Results.
Get fast, accurate search results that save you time and enhance your productivity.
Streamlined Navigation.
Easily navigate through large datasets and find exactly what you're looking for without hassle.
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  • Comprehensive Route Optimization
  • Multi-Day Route Planning
  • Client and Branch History Tracking
  • Easy Excel Import
  • Flexible Route Endpoints
  • Adaptive Rescheduling
  • Calendar Integration
  • Personalized Settings
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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or just want to say hi, please email support.

    • How does optimized routing work?

      Our app analyzes multiple factors, including traffic, distance, and your priorities, to suggest the most efficient routes for your visits, saving you time and fuel.

    • Can I plan routes for multiple days?

      Yes, our app automatically breaks down your routes over multiple days based on your schedule and working hours, ensuring manageable and productive trips.

    • What is working hour awareness?

      This feature allows the app to consider your specified working hours when planning routes, ensuring visits are scheduled within your available times.

    • Is Excel import available for scheduling?

      Yes, you can import data from Excel for easy scheduling and route planning, streamlining the process and reducing manual input errors.

    • Can I record visits within the app?

      Absolutely, the app lets you record notes and take pictures during visits, ensuring all relevant information is stored and easily accessible for future reference.

    • How does the app track client history?

      Our app keeps a record of your interactions with clients, including notes, photos and visit details, enabling personalized follow-ups and improved client management.

    • How do flexible route terminals work?

      You can adjust the starting and ending points of your routes to fit your daily needs, with the app providing sensible defaults that can be customized as required.

    • What happens if an appointment gets canceled?

      If a meeting is canceled, mark it in the app, and it will automatically adjust your schedule and reschedule as needed, optimizing your time.

    • How does calendar integration enhance route planning?

      By integrating with your preferred calendar (Outlook, Google, Apple), the app ensures your route schedules are synced with your calendar, making it easier to follow your planned visits.